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The Library will be closed Monday September 7th in observance of the Labor Day holiday


program highlights

Saving the Grand Canyon

Wednesday, September 9th

1:30pm - 2:30pm 


Theodore Roosevelt said: "In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world." Sandy Bahr, director of the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club, will discuss a plethora of issues to consider, including the uranium mines around Grand Canyon, the Tusayan and Escalade developments, the operation of Glen Canyon Dam, forest management issues and more.


 Register: 480-488-2286.


CHOOSING SUPPLEMENTS WISELY: Focus on Your Health Series, presented by HonorHealth

Thursday, September 17th

2:00pm - 3:00pm 


With all the supplements -- vitamins, minerals and more -- on the market today, how does one know if they are getting a good product? The lecture will address this and help you choose wisely vs. spending your money on poor quality and not getting the results you hoped for. Presented by Dr. Melissa Coats, ND. Register: 480-488-2286. Part of our “Focus on Your Health” 3rd Thursday series with HonorHealth.


Assassination of U.S. Senator Huey Long, the Fatal Shooting of Dr. Weiss and the Enigmatic Bullet

Tuesday, September 29th

2:00pm - 3:30pm


Luke Haag was court-appointed to participate in the examination of newly discovered evidence as well as exhumation and examination of the body of Dr. Carl Weiss, purported assassin. This evidence and the autopsy results have a story to tell that has never been seen by the public...a story that will now be shared by Mr. Haag, Criminalist/Forensic Ballistics Expert…To set the stage: Sunday night, September 8, 1935 United States Senator Huey P. Long, Jr., former Louisiana governor, was shot, and his purported assassin, Dr. Weiss, was immediately shot numerous times. Both died. No autopsies were conducted, and cause of death - homicide or an assassination – was left in question. Official police case files and major physical evidence, including a gun and bullets, disappeared shortly after. In 1991, evidence was found in the possession of a relative of the former superintendent of the Louisiana State Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification.


Register: 480-488-2286.




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